Victor Cruz: Giants fabricated it bright they didn't wish me

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Victor Cruz: Giants fabricated it bright they didn't wish me


Free-agent advanced receiver Victor Cruz did not get the brawl abundant over the added bisected of the 2016 analysis because the Giants didn't wish him to accept Madden NFL Coins  a acceptable year, accordingly authoritative Cruz easier to absolution at season's end.

That's the approach Cruz adapted up for an adventure of the Breakfast Club on WWPR-FM in New York beforehand this week. Afore diving in, we'll let the quotes air out a bit.

"Half the year I'm activity and afresh the added bisected I'm not accepting the ball," Cruz says on the show. "You're just like 'What's traveling on?' I'm like OK. I see what's happening. They don't wish me actuality anymore. Because granted, and a lot of humans apparently don't apperceive this, but let's say I play well, I'm a 1,000-yard receiver endure year, it would accept been added difficult from a fan angle to cut me.

"You know, If I'm a 1,000-yard guy they'd be like, well, why are you acid Cruz? He just had 1,000 yards, five, six touchdowns. That doesn't accomplish sense. But if I accept 500 yards or whatever the case may be, it's a lot easier for the admirers to be like 'Oh able-bodied he didn't play well, so that's why they cut him.'

"And if I played well, they were due to -- they owed me a ton of money that next year so it was like, let's get Cruz off the books."

This is some affectionate of afraid plan by the Giants who, by the way, beneath to animadversion on the matter. In the bosom of aggravating to abolish a five-year playoff aridity and breach in their aboriginal new arch drillmaster in 11 years, they aswell fabricated abiding to advisedly clasp out a authorization fable by ensuring that Eli Manning instead bandy to Odell Beckham -- absolutely possibly the best receiver in football.

Well, the jig is up. Time to appear clean, Ben McAdoo!

"There is no accurateness to it," McAdoo told reporters Thursday if asked if the Giants advisedly didn't bandy to Cruz endure year.

Cruz was a admirable amateur during his time with the Giants and helped the authorization win a Super Bowl. His adventure -- advancing from Paterson, New Jersey, accepting absent in the drag at UMass, clawing his way assimilate the agenda as an undrafted chargeless abettor -- was inspiring. His beat in the breadth to this day is capital for a adolescent accumulation of kids growing up there. In accumulation and baby ambience interviews, he's added than accommodating with his time and acumen -- which is generally absolutely valuable.

But if he is now surrounding himself with the affectionate of humans who anticipate the animosity he bidding Thursday are cogent -- one that added humans will yield actively -- I feel absolutely bad for him.

The blow of the annual did not book abundant better.

Cruz went on to advise the Giants' abhorrent band afterwards accordant Manning hasn't had the best of seasons lately:

"[Manning] is not a guy -- you accept to put an abhorrent band in foreground of him that's traveling to accumulate him cocked so he can analysis the acreage and accomplish things happen. And the endure brace of years he hasn't had the bulk of time that he's about had to accomplish the best throws and accomplish the best decisions. A lot of it is rushed and things like that. That apparently played a agency in it as well."

He aswell appropriate that he's heard teams are afraid to assurance him because he cares too abundant about endeavors into the sneaker and appearance apple -- and afresh acknowledgment the sneakers and television appearance in his answer.

"I beggarly they anticipate my priorities aren't football anymore," Cruz said. "They're aggravating to say I'm added focused on appearance and sneakers and alfresco business than I am about football but I acquaint everybody, I'm actual abundant a football player. Yeah, I like to do all those things alfresco the field. Yeah, I accept my own appearance on MTV now that is airing alleged The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. I like accomplishing all those things off the acreage to set myself up connected term, but I'm actual abundant a football amateur appropriate now. That's my focus for sure."


"...One of the teams, I got some central advice like -- is he afraid about affairs sneakers now? Is he afraid about fashion? I was like..."

*Brief interruption*

"It's alleged the Air Trainer Cruz, go to your baddest sneaker retailers and go aces that up."

I'm not adage there's annihilation amiss with Cruz affairs sneakers or hosting a television show. I accede with his overarching apriorism -- that acceptable players charge to use football as a belvedere to set themselves up for activity afterwards the bold and that NFL teams are dunderheaded if it comes to a lot of effective non-football activities undertaken by players. His account of Michael Strahan is great, and Cruz is acutely accomplished on the air, as a abettor and as a artist of men's footwear.