Tom Savage 'super ready' regarding Texans' QB battle

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Tom Savage 'super ready' regarding Texans' QB battle


Everyone in Houston is super pumped up about the Tom Savage period. Especially Tom Savage.

"I'm super ready, " Savage said Mon, via the Houston Explain. "It's going to be considered a

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Added J. J. Watt, an unofficial spokesman of most things grit, determination and long

probability: "He's had time to understand and grow. He's got a opportunity to prove what

he's bought. That's all you can request in this league - an opportunity. I think he's

enjoying that chance this offseason. "

At the moment, each of the three teams who drafted a quarterback in the first round are in

delay-the-inevitable mode. Savage, Mike Glennon and Alex Johnson all have advantages for now

regarding system knowledge, which might push them into your regular season and past as

starting quarterbacks.

The Texans have propped upwards Savage all offseason, including the night they will selected

Deshaun Watson with the 12th overall pick inside the NFL draft. General manager Rick Johnson

told NFL Network back then that the Texans were "comfortable" with Savage and also their

expectation was "Deshaun can be purchased in and learns. "

It's a difficult balancing act for the team that clearly wants to become more dynamic at the

quarterback position but doesn't want to shove all its institutional knowledge out the door.

For Savage, the one benefit will probably be getting at least some of the summer as a

commencing quarterback. By many accounts, he is just nearly as good, if not better than a

lot of the sub- replacement level starters that still appear to be clinging to premier roles

throughout the league.

If Savage can wait Watson long enough to prove that on motion picture, that's something

worth looking towards.