The Golden City comes to Runescape this June

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The Golden City comes to Runescape this June


Runescape is having a shake up this July, in fact it will be the biggest shake up the overall game has had for 16 years because the first in a new group of Runescape Expansions will be arriving on the 5th June( buy Runescape Gold Cheap here). Runescape Expansions will be released ninety days starting this June having Menaphos: The Golden City. Each of these brand new expansions will add huge regions towards world of Gielinor at no extra cost to be able to subscribers.

Runescape Expansions - Menaphos: The Golden City

Menaphos: The Golden City has to be place of discovery, the city gates get hidden in plain sight of players for 12 several years and come 5th June will be opened to reveal the city with hanging back yards, streams, gold trimmed buildings and also a huge pyramid that looms above the city. There will be money to unearth and stories to become told within the city but players must build a reputation amongst Menaphos’ inhabitants. As players explore Menaphos and also build their reputation they're going to discover the corruption spreading during the entire city.

This first expansions in the series will add brand-new quests, an ever changing network of tombs plus a new slayer dungeon that will see the slayer expertise cap raised to 120.

“We’re working hard to make sure this gleaming metropolis eclipses the Menaphos that’s experienced the imagination of our many numerous players for higher than a decade, and we can’t wait to share with you more details over the coming weeks ahead of the gates open. ” said David Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape.