Seferian-Jenkins: Life changes prompting fresh focus

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Seferian-Jenkins: Life changes prompting fresh focus


Former second-round pick Austin Seferian-Jenkins has become turning heads at Madden-NFL site Jets organized team activities as a result of his significant weight damage and renewed focus.

His secret?

"I just quit having and quit eating McDonald's when i was hammered, " Seferian-Jenkins told NJ. com's Darryl Slater.

While this sounds similar to some breezy, back-to-work humor, this was the lead quote in a jarring deep dive directly into Seferian-Jenkins' personal makeover. The NJ. com piece is well worth your time and gets into alcoholism and why Seferian-Jenkins nearly tossed away his potential, but also provides a window into the future.

Had Seferian-Jenkins not also been carrying this baggage outside the University of Washington, he might very well happen to be a first-round pick. Could the tight end-starved Jets function as the beneficiary of an psychological remodeling?

Seferian-Jenkins' honesty makes the story the many better. He told NJ. com that Jets coaches flat out said "dude, you're fat, " during a season-ending interview.

"I was always just considering [seeking help]. Because this isn't doing work for me. I'm not happy. Football is not intending good. I'm out of appearance. I don't feel beneficial. Life just sucked, " he said. "It was a definitely [expletive] situation, honestly, on a daily basis. I hadn't been happy for years. "

Here's hoping the outpatient therapy and sobriety continue. With any player or person battling these issues, sometimes confronting them with honesty is the simplest way to solve them.