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QB who gives Rams best chance will start


Jared Goff is the L . a . Rams' starting quarterback, but new head trainer Sean McVay is advertising competition at every place and won't hand the particular second-year player anything.(For further reading of Madden NFL 17 and buy cheap MUT 17 Coins online, we cheapnfl17coins.com/ is your first choice.)

"I think what we have tried to preach to our players is we will let the best players play, " McVay said Wednesday, via the team's official website. "We're trying to acquire football games and whoever we feel like gives us the best chance is who's going to play behind center.

"Right now, we feel very good about what [Goff and Sean Mannion] include both done. Jared has done a pleasant job getting better, but you always want to ensure that you're playing the guy you feel like gives you the top ability to win footballing games, because we owe it to your coaches, to our players and also to this organization to do this. I think what we've seen will work for those guys, but right now Jared's your starter and he's done a nice job commanding that part. "

That's a fairly milquetoast answer at a generally gushing first-time scalp coach.

The previous iterations involving Rams coaches discussing Goff have all been on the positive variety, about the second-year player getting your hands on the offense quickly and to become leader under center.

McVay's comments about competition at every position is actually classic coach-speak, but it's notable as he was area of the staff that elevated Kirk Cousins more than Robert Griffin III with Washington, which went against your owner's preference.

McVay isn't tied to Goff. The quarterback is within the front office.

The No. 1 overall pick will still "win" the competition with 2015 third-round choose Mannion -- the San Andreas Fault will have to swallow Goff for him not to ever start Week 1. Yet, McVay understands if he is to harp on levels of competition to his team, he must preach that at every position, including the presumptive quarterback.