Pats, center David Andrews accept 3-year extension

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Pats, center David Andrews accept 3-year extension


Another day, another under-the-radar value extension for Madden NFL 17 Mobile Coins your New England Patriots.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, the team and center David Andrews have decided to a three-year extension, bypassing Andrews' restricted free of charge agency year next yr and taking him to help 2020 under contract.

The deal is worth $9 million but could be worth at the most $11. 17 million.

Back in November, the team signed tackle Marcus Cannon to some very affordable six-year, $35. 9 million deal. Both starting guards (Dude Thuney and Shaq Mason) will still be on their very reasonably priced rookie deals.

If nothing else, this is another reason why it's good to end up being Bill Belichick. On other teams, this version of the contract has been the negotiating floor. On the Patriots, where players stay for you to win, it's a phenomenal deal for any good center who is only getting better.