MW0831 failing to Factory Reset

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MW0831 failing to Factory Reset

Hello, I don't usually bother other people to help me with this kind of stuff but I'm a bit confused and it is quite difficult to find useful information regarding this tablet.

I started to have a bit of a problem with it because it is starting to get slow downs really often and quite some sudden reboots, so I decided to do a factory reset. The problem is that it turns off but it doesn't start in recovery mode to format the Data partition. Instead, it gets stuck in a black (not backlit) screen like it was turned off and it doesn't turn on in any mode if I don't hold the power key to force a shutdown and then, it starts normally only in /System (fortunately).

This blackout problem started when I updated the tablet to the MW0831-ANDROID4.1.1_SDK2.0-EN-201300408_v4.1.42 firmware (downloaded from the official AOC website).
I downloaded the .zip and when I unzipped it, the tablet offerred me to install the update, so I tapped ok. It updated sort of correctly because I have that compilation number on my "about tablet" section in settings but the recovery doesn't work.

I'm trying to factory reset my tablet and/or update it to android 4.2.2 since I saw it is posted in the forum.

I'm desperately looking for help, I will sincerely thank you.