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Import AVI to Premiere Pro on Mac

When I try to import any video file (e.g. AVI files) in Adobe Premiere Pro cc in my Macbook Air, I get this error: “codec missing or unavailable”.

Maybe you have same trouble, no worry, As we know, AVI is just a container for a video format, and can contain videos encoded in different formats. The error you're seeing says that Adobe Premiere does not know how to process the video format that's within the AVI file, that is to say, AVI codec is not recogonized by Premiere Pro.

Faced with this situation, you would have to find out the codec used for the video within the AVI file and then download and install the appropriate codec on your system. To find out the codec for the file, examine it using a tool like QuickTime or VLC and see if you can use the Inspectors in these to get the video and audio codecs for your file. If these two don't work, you would have to find a third program to transcode AVI to Premiere Pro supported format. According to, you clearly know Premiere Pro most supported MPEG-2 format. 

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