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Hey guys,

In line with the brand new rules trial we have reviewed all of the forum FSR's and have updated those needing changing. Click the you can get more <a href="http://">cheap price Runescape Gold.

Coming to the Functions and Competitions FSR's, we made changes only some month ago to overcome the prevalence of artificial giveaways and scams. I haven't changed those FSR's yet as I would really like the community's thoughts upon whether those rules must stay - catch up on them here

The aim of the rule change is always to minimise moderation and only act when absolutely necessary for protection on the forums, which keeping these FSR's might actually disrupt. However, neither do we wish to allow fake threads as well as time-wasters back here.

Specifically, I am interested in if the community thinks this part of the Events & Competitive events FSR's should remain:

No giveaway-only threads are generally allowed here.

This means no fall parties, no in-game giveaways can be advertised here.

You may advertise your event and provide prizes away in that event, but you may not post solely about almost any prize giveaways, and you must make no reference to what prizes will be available.

Look forward to reading your thoughts - Let me make any changes with the end of next week if we can easily agree