Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

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Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

 Earlier this year we simplified the action for monetizing your blog by abacus a “Monetize” tab in the Blogger app. We started with AdSense, which allows you to add contextual commercial to your pages; added afresh we added AdSense for Feeds to advice you accomplish acquirement from the administration of your blog via RSS and Atom. Today we launched a third option: absolute affiliation with Amazon Associates to seek Amazon’s artefact archive and add links to articles that acquire you commissions if your readers buy articles you recommend.

With this feature, you can seek Amazon anon from the Blogger editor and add pictures and links to Amazon articles appropriate into your posts. Your readers will acquire you commissions whenever they buy the articles you recommend, and if you don’t already accept an Amazon Associates account, you can assurance up for one for chargeless after abrogation Blogger.

If you’ve anytime accounting a blog column about a book, recommended a gadget, or advised a toy you bought for your kids, you’ve acceptable gone through the action of drafting the post, aperture up a abstracted window to go to acquisition a website that sells the product, again traveling aback to Blogger to adhesive the hotlink to the artefact into the column editor.

Starting today, you can seek the Amazon artefact archive after abrogation the Blogger interface and admit links to the articles you acquisition into your posts. Not alone is the action of bond to articles added efficient, but Amazon makes it simple for you to acquire money whenever your readers in fact buy the articles you address about. This is accepted as an “affiliate program”, and it’s advised to let you acclaim articles you like to your admirers — if they buy the product, you’ll acquire a agency on that purchase. (For added on associate programs in general, actuality is a acceptable overview at ProBlogger from this summer, and Darren’s “11 Lessons Learned” column about Amazon Associates is a acceptable analysis of how to get the a lot of out of the program.)

To get started, bang on the Monetize tab for your blog and bang “Amazon Associates”. Walk through the bureaucracy wizard, and add the Artefact Finder already you’re done.

Now for the fun part: if you are autograph a column on Blogger, you’ll see an Amazon apparatus to the appropriate of your column editor (the “Product Finder”). You can seek the Amazon artefact archive from aural Blogger — blazon in the name of the artefact you are autograph about, and admit a hotlink to the product, an angel of the product, or an iframe absolute the image, amount data and a “buy it now” button. Every hotlink that’s created contains your different Associates ID, ensuring that Amazon will acclaim you for any purchases that aftereffect from readers beat the hotlink on your blog.

If you’re an absolute Amazon Associate, commutual this bureaucracy artlessly makes the Artefact Finder accessible on Blogger for you — you abide to acquire the aforementioned barometer amount from Amazon. New Associates accept the aforementioned barometer amount from Amazon that they would accept accustomed if they active up directly. If you’re not absorbed in earning a referral, you can still install the Artefact Finder: from the “Amazon Associates” page beneath the Monetize tab, bang “I'll do this after — appearance me added Amazon options” and again bang “Add the Artefact Finder” button.

A quick agenda about trust: associate programs plan able-bodied if readers assurance you. You should abstain announcement articles artlessly because of the barometer fee you ability acquire — readers may lose some of that assurance if they faculty your posts abide alone to accomplish you money. You may aswell wish to acknowledge to your readers that you will acquire a agency on their acquirement — some readers even adopt alive that you account from their business.

There’s added advice about this affiliation at, and the Amazon Associates blog has some added details. This affiliation is the aftereffect of months of accord amid the engineers at both companies, and we’re actual aflame to allotment the after-effects of this accord with you. Happy blogging!