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AOC Tablet B7120LN

Hi Guys,
   I bought a Tablet last year, the model is "B7120LN" and since a few days it doesn't turn on. It keeps on welcoming image once and again and nothing happen. I have a few questions about it:

1.- I'm looking for the page "" that appears at the beggining of the Android S.O. It seams not to exist beacause I'm redirected to "". So what is the model of tablet that is equal to my "B7120LN" model?
2.-  First, I try to reset it from the recovery mode (I try all items) and nothing change.
3.- Second, I try to update the firmware using all the 7" files in the "" and I don't get the USB was recongnized by my computer.. I read about it in the forum and I try to set de driver directly from de files that are in the firmware that I downloaded. But nothing good happen (I have Windows 10).

Please support guys. Help me! I'm thnking to throw to the trash because I don't get to solve this problem. And believe me that is very sad...

Best regards