AOC Breeze Dual Core Tablets Coming Soon

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AOC Breeze Dual Core Tablets Coming Soon

We have a lot of products coming to market in a lot of countries and I am getting stretched in many directions which is why I have been pretty poor with my responses lately in terms of timeliness and for that I apologize.

Meanwhile the MW0711 will be out soon as will the MW0710 in Chile and Peru.  The MW0710 while spartan in terms of hardware is my personal favorite if only for the kickstand that it has.  It is hard for me to overstate how much I love the kickstand on a tablet.

Obviously the big news is our impending dual core tablets which should hit the market starting around October/November and will be available in a couple different sizes.  Right now we are most likely going to have 7" and 8" dual core products first followed by a 10" dual core and in 2013 a 10" quad core.  After 2012, you will not see anything less than dual core in our tablets.

So again, sorry for my sluggish responses.  As customers you deserve top flight support and lately what you have gotten from me is mid-flight so I will correct that immediately.